With a Rich Family Heritage and the Perfect Setting, Christos knows what it takes to Make Every Moment Count

With his distinctively long name, Christos Papanastasatos can’t hide his Greek heritage. The good news is that he has no desire to. Even though he was born and raised right here in Chicago, he’s proud of his strong family traditions. Christos was raised with the belief that life is what you make of it. “So, why not make every moment count?’ he says.

A Powerful Philosophy

bio1There’s no doubt that Christos truly embraces this work hard, play hard philosophy. One of his biggest passions is motorsports. Whether he’s riding his motorcycle or meticulously washing and waxing his cars, Christos loves soaking in the power, beauty and speed that these machines represent. There’s nothing he enjoys more than detailing his cars from top to bottom—especially his 1987 Monte Carlo SS—always keeping them in prime “show-like” condition. Christos also loves going to the gym as often as possible to lift weights and stay in shape.

The pride and attention to detail Christos applies to his vehicles are a reflection of his approach to all aspects of life. For more than 20 years, his family has owned and operated a small restaurant near the city and it has been key in shaping the businessman he is today. From managing the workers to serving the customers to marketing and promotions, Christos has always taken an active role in the business and it’s given him a first-hand experience in all aspects of business. It has also allowed him to stay more connected to the Chicago community. Every year, he volunteers to help coordinate the food for the annual Greek Festival at his church.

Seizing Opportunities

bio2As one of Chicago’s premier real estate professionals, Christos brings his detailed approach and love for the community to help others make the most of their opportunities. Whether he’s working with first time buyers or seasoned real estate investors, he leverages his time and energy to make every single moment count throughout the move. “I understand my clients are busy, hard-working people and they deserve a smooth experience,” Christos says. “That’s why I apply my energy and experience to create quality results.”

In addition to his entrepreneurial experience, Christos also draws from an extensive background in construction to help his clients make the right investment decisions. For buyers, he can help visualize the possibilities of a new home. For sellers, he can offer advice on renovations that will bring out the full value in your property. Most importantly, as a lifelong resident of the city, Christos knows the downtown Chicago real estate market like the back of his hand and is passionate about sharing this dynamic lifestyle with each and every person he works with.

Every Moment Counts

If you are buying or selling a home or investment property in downtown Chicago, Make Every Moment Count with Christos Papanastasatos. He has a heritage of success and will give his all to help you achieve your real estate goals. Call him today!

Christos proudly serves the real estate needs of residents in the Chicago area.

"I love this city. Chicago is my home and I will always be passionate about making the most of every moment here and helping others seize their opportunities in this diverse and dynamic real estate market."